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We know you value your health, actually… we know you want 

Great Health! 

For you to live a fulfilling life and the team at Outback Chiropractic  are here to help you get the most out of each and every day.

Creating balance within your body is Outback Chiropractics passion.  We have a range of services and products to meet most needs so that you can


Chiropractic Care

At Outback Chiropractic, we help you overcome a range of aches and pains experienced throughout your whole body. Our number 1 visitor is seeking treatement of headache, migraine, low back pain, mid back pain typically due to misalignments (subluxation) of our spine, pelvis and extremities.   We provide chiropractic treatment to manage pain associated to sciatica, disc herniations, scoliosis, postural disorders and sporting injuries.  We use a variety of techniques, diversified, gonstead, Thompson, Activator

MR4 Laser Treatment

MR4 Super Pulsed Laser works for your body to drain inflammation, boost oxygen levels and activate natural pain relievers. Laser Therapy is both non-invasive and non-toxic. This therapy uses light waves to interact with damaged cells and tissue and speed up your healing response with outstanding results. IF you are looking for a quick painless technique to accellerate recovery, MR4 Laser Light Therapy is for you!  Some of the conditions treated are bursitis, arthristis, golfers elbow, miagraines, archilles tendon, rotator cuff injuries and many more…

Dry Needling

Working on trigger points, watch Dr. Louise accurately pin point dysfunctional, painful tissue and provide relief. Needles are applied to tension and the body responds by releasing noradrenaline, seratonin and endorphins which act to block pain responses.

Great for athletes, gym enthusiasts, cyclists and weight trainers who want to  maximise healing quickly and efficiently.


Not pronounced kin – EASY- ology for no reason!

Outback Chiropractic uses this gentle form of energy therapy to treat and improve a range of ailments including allergies, depression, postural problems.

Kinesiology is also used to improve performance levels, learning and relationship difficulties, digestive and nervous disorders.

Health Optimisation

The Pilbara is a region of health enthusiasts. Whether you are training for an event, looking for the extra edge over your competitors or you are just starting out on your fitness journey, taking care of your body is a priority.

Guidance at the start of your fitness journey, and as you increase capability, will give you the support needed to help reach and exceed your personal goals.

Prenatal and Child Care

At Outback Chiropractic, we love working with children and love to see your babies get the best start to life!

Research shows that the stress of birth places a lot of pressure on your newborn’s body as well as your own. Misalignments are very common!

The beauty of kids is, their bodies are extremely receptive to Chiropractic Care. This type of care has had proven results. Chiropractic is safe and effective in guarding the health and well-being of children and we are on a mission to see all Pilbara kids thrive!





Hi! If we haven’t met already, I’m Louise Mackenzie, your local Chiro based here in Karratha. Outback Chiropractic looks after your spine and wellbeing of residents and FIFO from Dampier to Sampson and everywhere in between.
With a Double Degree in Chiropractory and Science, majoring in Physiology, I am here to guide you to your best health and to function to your 100% potential!  



With over 13 years of committment to Chiropractic, Louise Mackenzie loves providing care to all ages, from newborns to grandparents.

We take a holistic approach and with the expertise and tools to manage your treatment, we design individualised treatment plans specifically for you and your body.

She has a special interest in posture, sporting and workplace injuries, pregnancy care, and has the most updated knowledge of  research, looking after acute and chronic low back pain, hip pain, sciatic, miragraines, neck pain , headaches and mid back pain.

We use a number of techniques such as manual adjusting,  diversified, gonstead, activator, applied kinesology along with unique treatment plan for you.


We understand that it is not always easy to get from A to B.

Our Service has seen us visit across the West Pilbara from Dampier to Point Sampson.

We have a base in Karratha at Abundance Health and if it’s a bit far,
we are also at 360 Health Centre, in Wickham every Tuesday.

See us when we next visit you!



12:00PM – 6:00PM

 @ 360 Health Centre